Accessibility Policy

I am Noam Levi, a children book illustrator.

In this declaration, my goal is to optimize usability and enhance the service for people with disabilities.

My accessibility compliance was carried out in accordance with Regulation 35 of the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities (Service Accessibility Adjustments) Regulations 2013 to AA level, subject to changes and adaptations made in the Israeli standard document.


Accessibility measures taken in my website:

  • support on all major browsers( Chrome, Edge , FireFox, Opera, etc)
  • the content of the website was written in understandable language and in readable fonts.
  • The website’s structure is built from headings, paragraphs, and lists.
  • The website navigation is simple and convenient, including accessible and clear menus.
  • The links on the website are clear and explain where they lead upon clicking
  • Links at the beginning of the page enable skipping to the content.
  • Textual descriptions for images and icons related to assistive technologies.
  • Adapting the website for various resolutions (responsiveness).
  • Play and pause buttons for video galleries.
  • ARIA rules were embedded to assist in interpreting the website content more accurately and effectively
  • Accessible menus, forms, and fields, hierarchical headings, tab components, pop-up windows, and more.


Change in Site Display:

  • You can enlarge or reduce the site’s display by pressing one of the ‘CTRL’ buttons along with the mouse scroll wheel, or by pressing ‘+’ for zooming in or ‘-‘ for zooming out. Each click will adjust the screen size by ten percent (10%).
  • Font size adjustment can be done through the accessibility menu on the website.
  • Users without a mouse or those unable to use it can access the site’s features by pressing the ‘TAB’ key. Each click will move the cursor to the next option on the site.
  • Pressing the ‘Enter’ key will activate the link indicated by the cursor.
  • The site does not contain flashing, flickering, or moving content. In places where such content exists, it can be stopped by focusing on it and pressing the mouse or by navigating to it using the ‘TAB’ key and pressing ‘Enter’


Adaptation of the site for users with visual and auditory impairments:

  • Basic visual enlargements (resolutions)
  • Adapted for voice recognition software
  • Compatible with voice recognition packages of operating systems

Accessibility Measures:

The website administration strives to ensure that all displayed pages are accessible. However, there might be pages that have not yet been made accessible or lack an appropriate technological solution for accessibility purposes.

Encountering an issue? I’m here to help